First Post (Introduction)

Greetings Fellow Equestrians,

     My name is Rowan Mills, but most people call me Row (which I love). I live in Katy, Texas. I have been riding horses for 8 and 1/2 years now. I have developed this blog to tell about my horse riding life,telling my love for horses, experiences, some easy tips, advice, answering questions, and telling stories about me and my horses. I know I won’t be no amazing blogger, but keep in mind that I have just started getting used to this, just as much as you may not be familiar with this.

      Also, I have designed this website, because of passion for writing stories, horses,my dreams; and for anyone who enjoys horses(equestrians), as well with people who enjoy reading about stories coming from other people’s perspective/experience. I really hope you enjoy this blog that I have made.

     If you have any questions or suggestions of what I should do next, please put that down below, and I will revise answer you questions as soon as I can.